Located in the historical ensemble of Nevsky Prospect—and moreover the epicenter of St. Petersburg itself— Passage embodies the pinnacle of high-end shopping gallery experience. The property’s recent renovation has not only kept intact, but also amplified its transitory historical atmosphere and architecture that puts the city center on beautiful display for visitors. Passage has earned its class A building status for preserving and accentuating its historical exterior with the reinforcement of its modern interior structure though a contemporary engineering system.

Passage’s tenants include large, notable international companies and retailers who receive a huge pedestrian and tourist flow. The retailers are as content as their customers seeing as nine tenants have recently extended their leases with no leases being terminated. One of the most recent and biggest tenants in Passage is the Land Supermarket who occupies the newly renovated basement area—one of Passage’s most ambitious and successful improvements. However, this historical cultural center is not complacent with its current successes. Passage will soon be opening a new children’s amusement park that will only increase the already huge influx of visitors and customers to the property. Even with new renovations and developments underway, five new leases have been signed—signaling a strong confidence in Passage currently and its promising future. This ever-growing and reinventing spirit of Passage makes it one of, if not the most attractive shopping centers in the city.

The excellence of Passage is not limited to the retail sector. Its boutique office center, located adjacent to the shopping center, has also received a class A building ranking as an office center along with the American 2017 TOBY Award for outstanding building of the year. The boutique office center is a part of the award-winning top 100 office/shopping centers in Russia. Being a part of Passage, the office center naturally is very accessible and accommodating to those who work there as well as its visitors. The unique design and decoration of common areas goes in tandem with the developed infrastructure. All of these credentials is what attracted the center’s biggest tenant yet — Biocad, an innovative international biotechnology research and development company who occupies 44% of the building. The rest of the building is comprised of equally impressive and exciting professional management companies and high-class services.

Both the shopping gallery and boutique office center make Passage one of our most successful and sought after properties. With even more renovations and developments surrounding the property, Passage is only becoming more enticing—to visitors, tenants and investors.

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