Passage Shopping Center opened its doors for the first time in May 1848. Three-story luxurious galleries shone with dazzling light under 180-meter transparent roof — the first example of such a large-scale glass cover in St. Petersburg. This remarkable unique object defenltely stroke all the contemporaries. 
The multifunctional premise of River House makes it one of Jensen’s more unique and bold properties. 
This property ranks among our other business and shopping centers on Nevsky Prospect as one of the best and most visited. Nevsky Prospect, 54 does really surpass its peer properties on Nevsky due to its prime street location which does garner an above average amount of traffic. 
Aeroplaza is a groundbreaking property in the sense that it finally bridges the longstanding gap between St. Petersburg’s commerce centers and Pulkovo International Airport. The property acts as a gateway from the airport into the city of St. Petersburg and all the way to the newly-developed and highly anticipated Lakhta Center. 
BC Naberezhnaya is a multifunctional building and ideally located property that is opposite to the historic Smolnovo cathedral along with a great view of the Neva embankment. The value of its location is the proximity to the business city center which is also an actively developing part of the city. 
Crossroads is a contemporary business center located in the most up and coming business center of St. Petersburg including a densely populated residential area, all thanks to the development of the new Lakhta Tower Center. The property is conveniently located right near the entrance to the new Western high-speed diameter. 
This property is another member of Jensen’s long list of class A business centers, which was newly built and reconstructed in 2009. Both large international tenants as well as Russian companies have brought Jensen House II to 99%. 
Mosin House is a historical mansion that’s allure extends beyond its historical reputation alone. The property is perfectly anachronistic—being historically renowned while having advanced security, parking and infrastructure. Mosin House Is located in the Setroretsk center and the surrounding area is highly ecologically-friendly with scenic views including a recreational park area. 
Both of these properties are part of a unique and rare breed of ever-growing scarce luxury residential living in the city center. Their locations are as unparalleled as their interior designs and infrastructures. These properties are assured to yield huge tenant attraction and tourist traffic. 
The Sosnovo Lake Residences is Jensen Group’s latest and most ambitious project. Just 65 kilometers from St. Petersburg — a 40 minute car ride using the Ring Road — this residential community is carved out of beautiful natural landscape surrounded by several forest lakes. 
This work and residential complex is the first of its kind to be a Russian redevelopment project overseen by the modern general public. Its 26 kilometer distance from St. Petersburg is seldom noticed by being in close proximity to the Western high-speed diameter. The property is complemented by its ecological, scenic views. 
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