About Jensen Group

Jensen Group is one of the largest real estate private equity firms in Russia where it has operated for more than 20 years. Through a Western-styled approach and philosophy to business,Jensen has achieved superior returns to our investors through two boom-bust cycles in one of the world’s most challenging investment markets. Located in its Nevsky Prospect headquarters is Jensen’s vertically integrated team which gives us the capability to move quickly and capitalize on active management and add value through all phases of real estate management.

Jensen Group’s investments have an emphasis on office and retail properties but are highly-diversified with investments in residential, industrial/warehouse, and raw land as well.With more than 100 local, on the ground professionals, Jensen Group is well-positioned to capitalize on St. Petersburg and Leningrad’s region compelling real estate market fundamentals. 

Jensen Group has an extremely strong track record and an established network of relationship allowing it to source and close off-market transactions at below market prices. Jensen is alsoone of the very few investment managers in the Russian real estate market with a long and well established performance historyof managing third-party capital. Jensen currently manages more than U.S. $500 million of assets.