Art History Educational center “MASTERS” will be opened at boutique office center

July 30

Art History Educational project “Masters”, unique for St. Petersburg, will be opened in premises of 149 sqm at the boutique office center “Passage/Italianskaya, 17”. From September 2015, the educational process will begin in the new premises.

At the turn of July 2015 a long-term lease agreement on premises of the Boutique office center “Passage/Italianskaya, 17” was signed between the invest management company Jensen Group and Educational center MASTERS. MASTERS school will be separately located on the 1st floor in premises of 149 sqm with individual entrance. MASTERS is unique project for Russia and the first project in St. Petersburg connected special educational program of art history and lecture about art, history, painting, literature, cinema and other related fields of art from leading professors of St. Petersburg State University and The Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. There will take place thematic meetings and discussions of art critics, historians and writers as well as art exhibitions and movie screenings. MASTERS project is going to create unique art history library with rare books of arts. Basic course continues for 1 academic year and includes theoretic lessons in the school as well as practice at art museums in St. Petersburg and other Russian and European cities. Only 20 students are able to join the basic course annually.

The school will organize educational travels in Russia, Europe and Asia for its students with accompaniment of the school teachers after the basic course or some its parts will have been completed. “The boutique office center ‘Passage/Italianskaya, 17’ suits the needs of educational activities of MASTERS school perfectly. Efficient floor plans and modern engineering systems and communications as well as rich history of the place and modern design’s solutions of the boutique office center will allow to create comfortable environment, conducive to knowledge.

The boutique office center is a popular location not only for offices of leading international and Russian companies but also for educational and cultural projects. Campuses of international business school ‘Vlerick’ and Liden&Denz language center successfully work in the boutique office center and with recreation areas and Beatnik cultural project together create comfortable place for students and visitors. MASTERS school will be a part of that place too», – commented Dmitry Abramov, Director of the Passage and Partner of Jensen Group.

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