Creative Association S-11 will open new restaurant at boutique office center

May 28

The creative Association S-11 owned by Roman Burtsev, the founder of “Solyanka” in Moscow and “Dom byta” in St. Petersburg, will open new restaurant total area of 606 sqm at the boutique office center.

The investment and management company Jensen Group and the Creative Association S-11 have signed a long-term lease agreement in the boutique office center “Passage/Italianskaya, 17” at the beginning of May 2015. Opening of the new restaurant project is planned on the middle of June.

The first part of the new project will be located on the terrace total area of 162 sqm in the first courtyard of the boutique office center. There will take place interesting movie and music festivals and other events. Main premises of the restaurant and its kitchen total area of 444 sqm also will be used by S-11 in the summer part of the project. The first part of the project will be upgraded to the high quality restaurant with all necessary infrastructure and equipment. The terrace will also be upgraded with increasing of leased area. Customers could reach the restaurant from Italianskaya street and directly from Passage Shopping Arcade.

Architect of the project is Mikhail Barkhin, author of interior conceptions of such famous restaurants as “Moskva”, Publica, Korovabar, “ЕМ” and Coffee 22 project. “In addition to office premises and service rooms the building includes picturesque recreation areas in two courtyards. A terrace of the restaurant by Roman Burtsev and S-11 Association will be placed in one of the courtyards. The restaurant will be connected to Passage Shopping Arcade which allows to reach it from Nevsky Prospect as well as from Italianskaya street.

Excellent location in the center of Golden Triangle district, perfect traffic and pedestrian access make the boutique office center a perfect place for a restaurant project”, – noted Dmitry Abramov, Director of the Passage and Partner of Jensen Group. “We are going to open the project in the middle of June. There is very little time for it, but we already have experience in creating of a big street party “Superslet” in the Museum of street art and summer cafe “New Holland” created just for three weeks. The new restaurant with all necessary infrastructure and equipments will be opened in autumn, also we are planning to host big musical festivals there”, – said Roman Burtsev, ideologist and founder of the Creative Association S-11, to

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